VCI Flat Bag - 2 D /3 D

VCI Flat Bag - 2 D /3 D

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Benefits of VCI Poly Bags

VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) Poly Bags are an effective and cost-efficient way of protecting metal parts from corrosion during storage and transportation. These bags emit a vapor that forms a protective barrier around the metal parts, preventing rust and other forms of corrosion from forming. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using VCI Poly Bags for your metal parts.


VCI Poly Bags are a cost-efficient solution for protecting metal parts from corrosion. The bags are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, making them a popular choice for businesses and manufacturers who need to store and transport metal parts. They are also reusable, making them even more cost-effective in the long term.


VCI Poly Bags are customizable, allowing businesses and manufacturers to choose the size and type of bag that is best suited to their needs. This means that they can be used for a wide range of metal parts, from small screws to large machinery.